Spring, Birds, and Hillary Clinton

Well, it’s been over 2 years since my original post, and now I am finally getting back to this.

Spring is winding down and summer is on it’s way. The birds in my yard are providing me with endless opportunities to photograph them. Life is pretty good.

Also can’t post without acknowledging the history that was made last night. #IMWITHHER Go Hillary!


I’ve always meant to start blogging….

Seems like a good day to start.

It’s cold and bright outside, a balmy 19 degrees. I just finished creating our Christmas cards for this year, with lots of help from my little girl, who, created the art I included in the design.



Yep, my butt really is THAT round. Seriously though, Lina did a wonderful job making sure our whole family, cats and rats included, (but not the fish, because they would freeze) was represented, adorably. Love that girl!

Yes we have rats. Get used to it because I will talk about them often.  🙂 They are cute, smart and very sweet.

Running off for now. More later maybe!